About b2b affilate program

About B2B affiliate program

Introducing the first affiliate marketing program that allows you to earn generous commissions from promoting B2B services. With our uncapped commission structure, affiliate marketers can earn money on both stages of the sales pipeline – lead acquisition and deal closure!

How it works

Getting involved is just as easy as becoming an affiliate for any other program. But the difference is what you can eventually get.



Sign up to get access to all promo materials, as well convenient dashboard panel to track conversions and commissions.



We offer a wide range of promo materials like landing pages, links and banners that you can use to drive traffic and conversions.



Use visual dashboards to track conversion rates and earn from $100 on lead acquisition and up to $10,000 for closed deals.


Starting commission for acquiring a marketing qualified lead (MQL)


Average deal size affiliates get their commission from


Maximum commission paid to affiliates per single closed deal

What’s the deal?

As a B2B affiliate marketer you will be promoting highly demanded IT solutions and services like development of bespoke software products, creation of web and mobile applications, IT infrastructure services, cloud migration and more.

Offered solutions involve the use of such hyped emerging technologies as blockchain, augmented and virtual reality, cognitive computing, internet of things, AI and machine-learning, etc. These types of services and projects are both, highly demanded and highly paid, which makes it easier for affiliates drive more revenue with less efforts.


Ready to get started?

Few more things to know before starting earning money with B2B Affiliates.

Becoming a B2B Affiliate is as easy as 1-2-3 and you don’t need any special skills to become one. Use ready-made promo materials on your website, blog, social media or other channels to drive traffic and generate revenue from conversions.
We reveal all analytics details for you in your personal account. You can easily track all the transactions, unique visitors from your link, the number of registered and converted leads, the sales revenue.
Once you start generating targeted quality traffic that converts into leads, we take care of everything else. We qualify leads and then pass them to our experienced sales team, who will go extra mile to win the deal and make sure you get you high commission!
So what do you get? You will receive from $50 commission for a marketing qualified lead and then wait for it to be converted into a successfully closed deal. These types of services are typically sold on the back-end of a sales funnel and it takes up to 3 months for a deal to close. However, long wait pays off! The minimum project starts at $30,000 while average deal size is about $100,000 and you will get 1% of the sum. Therefore, for $1M project you will get commission of $10,000 without making any extra efforts, but driving traffic and bringing a winning lead on the front-end of the sales funnel.
We support various payment methods: Paypal and Webmoney. Choose your preferred payment option, and withdraw the commission every two weeks.

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